Burning to DVD from Windows Movie Maker... Yes I have searched thr



I am trying to burn a DVD of my home videos. I have captured the video using
Movie Maker 2 from my sony camcorder. I edit it and then save to computer
using "save to my computer" and "Other Settings" I select DV-AVI(NTSC). It
then says saving to computer.
When I open Nero Express to burn the DVD, I select "DVD-Video Files". It
then brings up a screen to add dvd-video files to the list. When I click
"Add" it then says "select files and folders", but nothing shows up. I
notice that at the bottom it says "file types" and lists .bup .vob .ifo. Of
course, mine aren't that type so if I click on my saved videos (after
selecting "all files") it then comes up with an error "No Compatable File
What am I doing wrong here. Am I missing a step somewhere? Very
frustrated. :(

Graham Hughes

I don't use nero, but you are following the wrong route. You need to be
authoring the dvd, so you import the dv-avi adn nero encodes it to the
neccessary vob files and tehn burns for you.
I've just opened up my copy of nero 7
Nero startsmart
select dvd
then photo and video
make your own dvd video
add video files

hopefully you can carry on from here.


Graham Hughes
MVP Digital Media


That appears to work Graham!! I KNEW that I was probably just missing a
step... making it more complicated than it really should be.
Silly me :)

Thank You!!

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