Burn slideshow to a DVD?



Can I take a Powerpoint slideshow and burn it to a DVD to be played through a
DVD player through my TV?

Austin Myers

Not natively in PowerPoint. If you do a search on the internet though there
are a couple of converters. A word of caution, try them out before buying
and see if you can live with the results.

Austin Myers
MS PowerPoint MVP Team

Provider of PFCMedia http://www.pfcmedia.com


You can do it with some external tools.

You first convert your Powerpoint slideshow to a video file then burn
it to a dvd with a dvd burner.

For the PowerPoint to video conversion tool,. you can have a look at

With it, you can convert a Powerpoint slideshow to MPEG and then play
it onTV with a dvd player.
What sets this program from other similar ones is that , what you can
do with your slideshow on PC you can just do it with a controller on
TV. You can also create menus to make a comprehensive layout for your
presentation playback on TV

Make a comparision of the different programs in the market and find the
most suitable one.

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