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Mohammad Alshraideh

Dear All,
I have extended the JScript compiler in rotor. Some of my code is added
to the JScript classes and some of my code is new classes and I have put
these in a new namespace "mynamespace" but all the code is in the
directory jscript. I have no problem building the code in the
jscript\engine directory. In particular, I can use the
Microsoft.JScript namespace in mynamespace and I can use mynamespace in
the files that are part of the Microsoft.JScript namespace.

The problem occurs when the build moves into the jscript\jsc directory
and it finds a Using mynamespace directive for which it cannot find a

I have looked in
..JScript.dll and it contains my code from the jscript\engine including
code from mynamespace.

From what I understand of the build process, the compiler is looking in
C:\rotor\sscli20\binaries.x86chk.rotor\ref\Microsoft.JScript.dll to
resolve references but in this file there is none of my code and no
mention of mynamespace.

I'd be grateful for any ideas.

Mohammad Alshriadeh
Computer Science Department(Neat Group)
The University of Hull
United Kingdom
Tel: 01482-465253


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