Building A Home Network From Scratch


Eric Legge

A long article.

"Our editor moves into a new house, and decides to build himself a real home
network. He finds that getting professional level results can be quite a
challenge. We take an in depth look at the installtion of a new high-powered
home network, running wires through walls, making your better half crazy, and
go from concept to implementation. Find out what it took to achieve results
only a true geek could appreciate!" -

PC Buyer Beware!




Interesting, especially the part about "contractor" he he he.

I did the whole thing myself, including drilling through a drain vent pipe
and almost drilling through a hot water and power cable. ;-). I think the
wireless idea should be taken very seriously if you don't have a crawl



Gary Tait

The worst thing I did was drill through a furnace plenum. Otherwise,
so far, I did good. In the future, I would like to run a line to the
kitchen, if I don't get wireless first. Currently, I am in the early
stages, with enough cable to reach the coffee table, and another run
upstairs (both from the desktop computer system, manually switched
with a crossover adaptor I made from a foot of old nework cable and
the RJ45 sawed from an old NIC..)

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