BUG -- Norton AntiVirus 9.x incompatibility



BUG - please confirm - Norton AntiVirus 9.x incompatibility

With Norton 9.x installed, All 3 PCs I have MS AntiSpyware installed on with
Norton AV, the MS icon will often duplicate itself and then if I mouse-over
them, usually ALL of them or ALL but one, will dissappear, and then 1 will
reappear if they had all disappeared.

I have tested MS AntiSpyware on about 3 other PCs with McAfee ASAP AV and
none of them have had this happen.

Seems to only happen with Norton AV installed (maybe other Norton products
as well, but I haven't tested that.)

Can anyone else confirm a Norton AV compatibility issue like this? Thanks.

Bill Sanderson

This symptom has been correlated with some other things as well--Tightvnc
host sessions, as I recall, is one. I've seen it on a VPC running Windows
2000, but I can't recall the precise mechanism I thought was involved--it
had NIS 2005 installed.

I worked with a Symantec Corporate 9.x version last night and didn't see
this issue, and haven't had it reported from the other 3 machines in that
small office.

So--I can't confirm--but maybe others can?


I also use TightVNC and remotedesktop on all 6 of these computers. Both the
ones with McAfee and the ones with Norton AV 9.x

So far only the ones with Norton AV 9 have this issue. I can't think of any
other differences. All 6 have Norton Ghost 2005 with no problems.

I will see if I have anything else different between the computers, so far I
only see Norton AV as the main difference. I will keep looking and testing.
Thanks for input.


It seems as though the instant messenger scan function in
Norton AV 9.x attempts to launch Widows Messenger at 50%
cpu usage after AntiSpyware is installed. This was not a
problem before AS was installed.

Bill Sanderson

That's useful information--thanks.
I've not observed either the pre-Microsoft Antispyware behavior nor the post
Microsoft Antispyware behavior. I don't think I have an install I can test
this on.

Can you describe the behavior and how it changed? Is it just the CPU spike
that is different or the attempt to launch?


Task Manager reports msmsgs.exe running at 50%. If I
either stop msmsgs.exe or click the Messenger icon, the
computer locks: I have to interupt the power in order to
reboot. At one time, Task Manager reported 3 copies of
msmsgs.exe, only one of which was using cpu.

Bill Sanderson

That sounds like enough information to replicate, if indeed this is seen on
every machine with this combination installed and in use. Thanks!


I had some time to do more testing this weekend. Looks like it is NOT a
compatibility between Norton AV 9 and MS AntiSpyware... but it is with
TightVNC and MS.

I only get the multiple icons issue when a TightVNC connection is made to
the PC with MS AntiSpyware 1.0 Beta installed. I can use the PC to remote
another PC just fine. But as soon as the PC with MS AS 1.0 Beta is remoted
from the outside, that is when it does the issue. NOT with Norton AV...

Jeremy Slater

I've done some testing on a NAV9 box as well and was
unable to replicate the issue.

I added tightVNC and was not able to replicate the issue
until after I rebooted the PC.



TightVNC doesn't cause my issue until I connect to it using another PC.
Otherwise, TightVNC is disconnected and MS AS 1.0 Beta works fine, until the
VNC icon turns black which means someone is remote controlling the PC from
another computer. That is when I get the duplicate icons. And only then. At
least for me.

Bill Sanderson

Thanks - this should be enough information for Microsoft to reproduce
this--in fact, I think there was enough in the previous thread about this
interaction. I don't know whether they've done so, however.

Steve Dodson [MSFT]

We have started testing this and will attempt to repro.


Steve Dodson [MSFT]
PSS Security


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