Bug in VS 2005 ReportViewer?



I'm trying to get the VS 2005 ReportViewer (not crystal reports) to work in
a windows form application.

This is my small test project:

- Created a windows form application
- Added new item to the project: report (report1.rdlc)
- Dragged a textbox to the report design form. (Typed "test" in the box)
- Dragged a ReportViewer object to the main form and made a link to the
report (report1.rdlc)

When I run this project and press the print (printer icon) button in the
viewer, the print dialog pops up. When I press the print button in this
dialog nothing happens. (Its like the print dialog doesn't have focus). If I
press the print button a second time I get the message printing page x of x,
but still no printout.

The only way I get this to work is by selecting the print layout/preview in
the viewer before I press the print icon button.

Anyone else had this problem? Any fixes/workarounds out there?



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