Bug in programming - using toggle between read-only and write acce



At my company, we use passwords to restrict users from having write access,
while still allowing them to view the spreadsheet with read-only. In Excel
2003, if a user was in a document as "read-only" and used the toggle button
to switch to "write access", he was prompted for the password, and the file
would switch to write access. The next time the file was opened, the password
prompt would still pop-up. This is not the case in 2007. When a user toggles
between read-only and write access in 2007, saves the file, and closes it;
the next time the file is opened there password prompt does not appear and
any user can have write access. This has become an issue with regards to the
security and access controls.

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Insert a workbook on open event, to protect the sheet again.



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