BSOD upon Vista Home Premium Install



Ok, so I skimmed through a few of the forums and haven't found a threa
with my proble, so I'm sorry if this is a repeat, I'm new t
Vistabanter. So anyway, here's my deal.

Last November I built my own computer (AMD Athlon 64X2, 2 gigs of ra
512mg video card, and a brand new 160gig SATA drive). I had installed
cracked version of Windows XP SP2, and shortly afterwards I had recieve
a copy of Vista Home Premium from Microsoft (Compliments from them fo
testing some software, and written them a report). I installed Vist
over XP and it installed smoothly, and I had not had any majo
problems. About 3 months ago, my power supply went out on my compute
and it took my motherboard with it. I have just now gotten enough mone
to buy myself a new power supply (500W, my old one was 680W), and
replaced the motherboard (Same one).

I started up vista and was having several complications, one of whic
was that Vista was looking for a floppy drive, which there wasn't on
in the computer any longer. After troubleshooting I found that ther
was one specific way to actually get Vista to load outside of Saf
Mode, and I soon found that my problem was that ALL of Vista's boo
files were corrupted. I could not replace the files even through DOS (
created a start-up disk), because of Vista's security protection.

So I put in Vista's DVD Rom and tried repairing Vista from the Disc..
Vista couldn't repair itself, and the problem was still there. So
backed up all the files I needed on a seperate hard drive and formatte
my main drive completely, with a NTSA Reccommended format, the the har
drive was is as if I had just bought it brand new.

I start the installation and enter the key code and vista start
installing. After it finishes the first part, where it says Extractin
files, expanding files, updating, etc... it completes that part and a
soon as it gets to the Completeing installation section the compute
restarts. Sometimes it goes into the window where it says Vista i
starting for the first time, sometimes it goes into the routine star
up screen, but either way it always goes to the Blue Screen of Death.

I've tried this at least 5 different times, and once I even installe
XP first and tried installing Vista from XP. The installation looke
like it was working a lot better, got a little farther, but still th
same outcome, BSOD.

Normally I would think that maybe my 160Gig SATA drive is the problem
but Vista did install just fine before, I even tried removing my 512m
video card, although I think I did already have that card installe
before I had Vista. I can't think of anything else aside from maybe m
disc is faulty, but it is rather clean, I've always kept it inside th
case. I'm out of ideas. Any help



Rick Rogers


1) Strip the system of unnecessary peripherals
2) Run a memory diagnostic (memtest86 or docmem)
3) Check motherboard timings, set to default
4) Run a lens cleaner disk in the optical drive

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Windows help -
My thoughts


Also I suggest that you disconnect the drive with XP on in until you get
Vista working again.


I had disconnected all my other drives as I was installing, so that part
is already done. I have been trying to install on a single clean SATA
drive. Also I had reset the BIOS to factory using the C-MOS to make
sure that wasn't the problem. How exactly do I run a memory diagnostic?
Iam good with computers, but I am still a noob. And also, the DVD Drive
I am using came straight from Pioneer, this is the first time using it,
do you think it would need to be cleaned?

Anyway, I will try those and get back to you here. Thanks for the quick



You should be checking to insure that you have the latest BIOS from your
MOBO vendor not the one that was contained on the MOBO when it was built.




Thanks for all the help, I bought a disc repair kit, and also installe
XP with service pack 2, and took out the video card and one stick o
RAM and installed as many drivers as I could that May make a differenc
on XP, and then tried to install Vista once again, and finally i
worked. I have no idea what the problem was, but anyway, thanks for th
tips; I know that one of my problems was one of my sticks of RAM, as i
had blue screened again after I put it back in, and then when I took i
back out, the computer booted fine again. But anyway, thanks again!


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