BSOD STOP: 0x00000051 Help me, please!



I switched on my desktop computer this morning and after the 'welcome' screen

It told me to restart the computer, which I did, but to no avail. When it
returned, it said to check if new hardware or software had been properly
installed. Neither of which have been recently done. It informed me to
disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing (which I do not know
how to do)

It also said that I can enter the computer using Safe Mode, but even when
doing so, it returned me to the same BSOD.

Under 'Technical information' it read -

*** STOP: 0x00000051 (0x00000001, 0xE1B57948, 0x00A34000, 0x000001D6)

Underneath that it informed me that it had performed a physical memory dump,
and to contact my system administrator or technical support group for help,
which I did - and they informed me that because my warranty with them had
expired, I would have to wait until after the weekend to help me.

I have no idea what to do here, I'm not too good with the technical side of
computers at all, so if anyone out there has an answer for me I would be
extremely grateful.




It's best to attempt a chkdsk /f to repair the filesystem. If you can boot
into safe mode by pressing F8 then do a "Last Known Good Configuration" if
these two fail you may need to boot from a utility CD such as Bart PE to run
chkdsk /f or Linux System Rescue CD to run TESTDISK

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Even when I do get into Safe Mode and select 'Last known good configuration',
it all just leads back to the BSOD. Even if it did work, I have no idea how
to run anything like chkdsk.

Peter Foldes

0x00000051: REGISTRY_ERROR
This indicates a Registry or Configuration Manager problem. An I/O error may have
occurred while the Registry was trying to read one of its files (caused by hardware
or file system problems). This message might also appear due to a memory management
error (more common in earlier versions of Windows NT).


So how do I fix it? I can't use the Hotfix Download because I can't even
start Windows on the computer. No matter what I try, it all just comes back
to the same BSOD.



Your first priority has to be backing up your existing data files,
unless you backed them up immediately before you closed down last night.
I am assuming you have important data files you need to recover?

Recovery can be done without booting the computer but needs a second
computer to be available to carry out the operation. In essence the hard
drive is removed from the problem computer and is, either placed in the
second computer as a slave drive or is placed in an external cradle
connected to the second computer. Either way you bypass the damaged
operating system on the first computer and use the operating system of
the second computer to read and copy the data files to removable media
such as a CD.

The 0x00000051 Stop Error fortunately does not crop up often. Your
problem could be software related ie. be a corrupted Registry hive and
also involve hardware, namely memory. The easiest solution after
recovery of data files is to reinstall Windows XP. For this you need a
Windows XP CD and all other disks for third party drivers and
programmes. If your system was set up some years ago this can be a
considerable undertaking, especially if you have not done reinstallation
of the operating system before. It may be possible to restore the system
using the Recovery Console without reinstalling Windows XP but it
requires skills that many users do not posses and others would find

I think you need skilled technical assistance, either on site at a small
computer repair shop to get a good result. If you do not have a backup
you need to stress to whoever provides that help that you need to
recover your data files. Think about what is important to you on the
computer. It can be not only files, correspondence etc but also things
like address books.


Hope this helps.

Stourport, England
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ah1981 said:
Even when I do get into Safe Mode and select 'Last known good
configuration', it all just leads back to the BSOD. Even if it did work, I
have no idea how to run anything like chkdsk.

As the Stop Error says, you may have hardware failure. Before continuing
with software work (reinstalling Windows, etc.) make sure that the hardware
is sound. Start with the hard drive and then the RAM.

Testing hardware failures often involves swapping out suspected parts with
known-good parts. If you can't do the testing yourself and/or are
uncomfortable opening your computer, take the machine to a professional
computer repair shop (not your local equivalent of


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