Browser stops working after a few minutes



I'm accessing the internet from a home network and generally it works fine.
On one machine, my laptop, however the browser will run for a few minutes
and then stop (The page cannot be displayed...).

The network is OK because I can get email with Outlook Express on the
affected laptop and access files on the other machines. It isn't peculiar
to IE either as Opera also stops.

I tried removing sp4 on my 2000 and reinstalling it, hoping one of the
replaced drivers was guilty. I tried the system file checker. I fear
reloading 2000 as my laptop, a Sony, didn't come with 2000 and has a lot of
proprietary stuff that I need to trick into loading.

Anybody had anything similar? Any ideas?

Gratitude in advance,


HAlli j?

I had the same problem and fixed it by uninsallting an old personal firewall.

I Hope this helps.

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