BREAKING news: MSN messenger and Yahoo Messenger Interoperability


John Jay Smith

Yahoo! Interoperability live!

Inky says:
A couple of minutes ago Microsoft has started rolling out the much
discussed and anticipated Yahoo Interoperability! This means that you can
now chat to all your Yahoo! buddies using Windows Live Messenger. Through
the interoperability Microsoft and Yahoo! have increased their market share
in instant messaging to an estimated (combined) 350 million users.

Having seen a live demo for the interoperability on Tuesday I can assure you
that the support is nearly flawless. Extras such as emoticons, and even
Personal Messages are supported by both clients and there is no noticeable
delay when sending messages between Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo!
Messenger users. The only thing that does not seem to work perfectly yet are
Sharing Folders.

For now, Microsoft plans to enable the interoperability for roughly 500,000
users of Windows Live Messenger on an invite basis (just as there were
invites for Windows Live Messenger Beta) to ensure that the transition will
go smoothly. Then the number of people who will be able to chat with their
Yahoo! buddies will be slowly increased until everyone will be able to use

So, if you have any spare invites, be sure to donate them to us so we can
give them away to our most loyal visitors! ;-)

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John Jay Smith

me getting information about instant t?

I know almost all messengers and how they can connect and why. This is
totally different.
The new messengers WLM8 and Yahoo8 have UPGRADED their protocols so they can
communicate between themselves. It is not like the rest that you have 1
client that
talks with 2 protocols.

This is a GIANT step for MS and Yahoo.. and it was unimaginable a few years
ago that these 2 would partner up like this.

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