Breaking down a term to periods




I need to write code to break down i.e. 5 years term into monthly periods.
For example, a Jan 1,2006 to Dec 31,2010 term, I need to break down this
term to Jan 1,2006-Jan 31, 2006; Feb 1, 2006-Feb 29, 2006; Mar 1,2006-Mar
31,2006.......Nov 1, 2010-Nov30, 2010; Dec 1, 2010-Dec 31, 2010.
** will also need to take leap year into consideration



You did not say what you planned to do with this breakdown or how you want it
presented, but here are a couple of things that will help.
If you start with the first period in your example, 1/1/2006, you can get
the next month with:
PriorPeriod = #1/1/2006#
NextPeriod = DateAdd("m", 1, PriorPeriod)
To get the first day of the month:
FirstDay = DateSerial(Year(NextPeriod), Month(NextPeriod), 1)
To get the last day of the month (leap year included):
LastDay = DateSerial(Year(NextPeriod), Month(NextPeriod) + 1, 0)

Hopefully, that will give you a good start.

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