Booting XPE problems.



I have been able to sucessfully boot images transfered to
a hard drive. I am now trying to boot from a 256MB
compact flash. My image is 78MB. I have sysed the
compact flash with bootprep. I then loaded the CF with
the image. When I apply power everything is fine, I see
the grey progress bars and the progress line turns all
gray, (at that point I should see the boot GUI) but
instead it stops. I see no additional GUI or errors.
Can anyone help?





Dan Simpson [MS]

I've found that configuring a run-time image on compact flash to be
extremely slow. Are you using EWF? Have you tried booting your run-time
image on a hard disk to verify that it works? Is this during the FBA

You may want to try testing your run-time image on a hard disk and copy it
over to flash when you've verified that it works. It's faster and it'll
save excessive writes to your CF.


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