Bookmark in Hyperlink Question



I have an excel file located in the "O" drive that has a hyperlink pointed
with specific bookmarks (O:\Book1.xls-Sheet2!A1)

However, when I save as this excel file into the “C†drive the new file
keeps the hyperlink and bookmarks from the “Oâ€.

If there is many way to save as the excel file from the “O†drive into the
“C†and the hyperlink with its respectively bookmark into the “C†drive

Thanks in advance.



מיכ×ל (מיקי) ×בידן

I didn't check this but it seems to be OK.
Run the following macro before saving the WB in Drive C
Sub Change_HL_Drive_Letter()
On Error Resume Next
Set AWF = Application.WorksheetFunction
For Each HL In ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks
HL.Address = AWF.Substitute(HL.Address, "O:\", "C:\")
End Sub
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