Book Recommendations Request


Billy Biro


I'm looking for some recommendations for Visual Basic 2005 books.

Specifically, I'm NOT looking for books that detail the elements of
the language, nor explain OOP, but rather present real-world scenarios
for application development, and show how classes/components can be
developed together to form the overall application.

As an example, I already have a copy of Wrox's "ASP.NET 2.0 Website
Programming - Problem, Design, Solution" by Marco Bellinaso (ISBN:
This book essentially presents a single, complete website example
(much like a real-world, complete web-based application would be -
including articles, forum/comments, online store, user
accounts/management etc.) and the entire book is dedicated to the
design and implementation of this single, complete website.
Unfortunately, it's code examples are in C#, which isn't too bad, as I
can read C# and (mostly) understand it, however I'm no C# programmer.

If anyone is familiar with the above book, I'm essentially looking for
the same sort of thing, but for "general" application development
which is not necessarily specific to web sites, but contains code
specifically in VB.NET (2005 version).

Again, I'm not looking for reference-type books, which isolate (eg) a
"Gridview" control then explain it's properties, methods etc., but
rather, I'm looking for a book that shows how to properly design and
implement a complete application (ie. Shows how to bring all of the
individual built-in framework/user-created classes and components
together in a complete real-world application). Perhaps showing how
to create (for example) an abstract base class which would be
inherited by all data-access classes to implement some common
functionality (ie. logging). I suppose what I'm after is really a
book about "Design" for the language (and the applications built with
it), rather than the "syntax" of the language. Using the common
concepts of a DAL (Data Access Layer) and a BLL (Business Logic
Layer), and creating and implementing these layers using correct OOP
methodology (since once these layers are correctly implemented, the UI
layer is really quite simple).

Hope I've made sense there. Any recommendations for books of this
nature would be most welcome. I apologize in advance if this is not
the forum for posting such requests (if not, please point me to
somewhere more appropriate).

Many thanks in advance.

-Billy Biro.





If I were you I might try what I tried.
I wanted to learn vb so I went to the local college and took a look at the
books they require for their certification. ( i did this about 6 months ago so im still learnin )

I dont have the link anymore that I used but the college near here is

Calling a local college or university might be the way to go. See what they
I know Conestoga makes their students write an Application for a local
business from start to finish. Its the students
choice of what language they used throught the whole 3 years but they do
create a software application from start to fin.

-Just a thought.


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