JD Wilson

Hi there. When I launch Excel, the application doesn't open a blank
worksheet. It opens an old, existing worksheet. I can't infer how this

I checked and replaced the PERSONAL and BOOK files in my Excel XLSTART
folder, but that didn't do the trick. Now, when I'm click Ctrl+N from within
Excel to open a new doc, I get a perfect, new blank worksheet. When I launch
Excel fresh, however, the application is still pointing to another document.

I can't find anything in the advanced help area or online about how to
manipulate what file the application opens when launched. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.





Dave Peterson

Are there any other files in that XLStart folder?

Remember that you may have multiple XLStart folders--depending on how you

If you're opening an existing file, you could:
Activate that workbook
File|Properties|General tab
(xl2003 menus)
Make a note of the location

Or put:
in an empty cell.

Then you can move or delete that file.

And in xl2003 menus, you could check that you don't have this setting in use:
Tools|Options|General tab
At startup, open all files in:
(make sure that textbox is empty.)

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