bold font for lotus notes email



I am using the following code in Access 2003 to send an email in Lotus
notes. I want to bold some text, does anyone know how I can amend
this code to allow for some bold text?

Public Sub SendQtrNotesMail(Subject As String, Recipient As String, WL
As String, SQA As String, _
DC As String, ADR As String, TDR As String, SafetyNote As String,
QualityNote As String, _
ProdNote As String, SaveIt As Boolean)
'Set up the objects required for Automation into lotus notes
Dim Maildb As Object 'The mail database
Dim UserName As String 'The current users notes name
Dim MailDbName As String 'The current users notes mail database
Dim MailDoc As Object 'The mail document itself
Dim Session As Object 'The notes session
Dim EmbedObj As Object 'The embedded object (Attachment)
'Start a session to notes
Set Session = CreateObject("Notes.NotesSession")
'Get the sessions username and then calculate the mail file name
'You may or may not need this as for MailDBname with some systems
'can pass an empty string or using above password you can use
other mailboxes.
UserName = Session.UserName
MailDbName = Left$(UserName, 1) & Right$(UserName, (Len(UserName)
- InStr(1, UserName, " "))) & ".nsf"
'Open the mail database in notes
Set Maildb = Session.getdatabase("", MailDbName)
If Maildb.ISOPEN = True Then
'Already open for mail
End If
'Set up the new mail document
Set MailDoc = Maildb.createdocument
MailDoc.Form = "Memo"
MailDoc.sendto = Recipient
MailDoc.Subject = Subject
MailDoc.Body = WL & vbCrLf & SA & vbCrLf & DC & vbCrLf & ADR &
vbCrLf & TDR & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _
SafetyNote & vbCrLf & QualityNote & vbCrLf & ProdNote
MailDoc.SaveMessageOnSend = SaveIt
'Send the document
MailDoc.PostedDate = Now() 'Gets the mail to appear in the sent
items folder
MailDoc.Send 0, Recipient
'Clean Up
Set Maildb = Nothing
Set MailDoc = Nothing
Set Session = Nothing
Set EmbedObj = Nothing
End Sub

I understand that the default is plain text and I need to change it to
rich text in order to enable "bold" but I'm not sure how to do that
within the above code. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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