bold dates in date navigator


Stuart K

Hi everyone,

I've got some odd behaviour with the Date Navigator not
showing all dates with appointments in bold. It does make
dates IN THE CURRENT MONTH bold if they have any
appointments in them, and the 2 months previous, but not
for any of the other months. Do you know why this is? Is
there a setting that states how many months show bolded

Also, I'm finding that it takes a minute or two for the
bold dates to appear in the navigator when I first switch
to Calendar view from my Inbox (again, the bold dates only
appear in the current and two previosu months). Could
this be anything to do with the fact that no dates in my
Calendar have been archived or the fact the Calendar is
running from an Exchange server?

Is this just a bug?

Any help from a passing guru much appreciated,



Diane Poremsky

1) only the last 2 months and the next 10 months are bolded, so the behavior
you see is correct.
2) it can take a few seconds for them to bold - if you have a slow
connection or a slow computer it can take longer. It might help to archive
some of the older items.

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