Blurry Applications



I have a new Vista PC. Everything's working fine, but I noticed that some
dialogs and applications are very blurry. It's not just the fonts, the whole
applications are. This only affects a few apps - namely Windows Live
Messenger and Napster.
The video card is a GeForce 7300 SE. Aero and Flip 3D work fine, so I don't
think that's the problem. WLM and Napster seem very big as well, as if it's
running at a lower resolution than the rest of Vista.
Does anyone know what's causing this?


I'm almost certain now that the problem apps are rnning at a lower resolution
to the rest of Windows. Looks like it's 800x600!

ls [sb]

right click on desktop -> properties -> adjust font size (dpi) -> custom
dpi -> change 'use windows xp style dpi scaling'



Right click on the shortcut of exe file. Left click on properties. Click on
the "Compatibility" tab. Normally nothing is checked. Do you by chance have
"Run in 640x480 screen resolution" checked?

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