Blackberry & Windows mail



Hi, I am taking a shot in the dark that someone might know if it is possible
to sync this calendar with a Blackberry device? I am using the Storm model.
I have purchased this new laptop and I was able to sync the contacts. I was
running Outlook 2007 prior.

In addition, is it possible to move my personal folders from Outlook to this
email? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,


According to her subject line, "this" is apparently Windows Mail . . . . .
but there are so many limits to WM . . . . . .

Sam Hobbs

My experience is that when someone asks a vague question then does not
clarify it but then others try to guess, then the discussion gets quite

It is better if the person asking the question clarifies the question.


Kimberly - perhaps you've already figured this out since it's been a couple
of days now . . . . . but, if not, did you look at the WM Help on the main
toolbar? If you put "Sync" in the search box there's alot of info,
including "start syncing" (I didn't see anything specific to Blackberry
though). Give it a shot and if you still have trouble please type in the
body of your post here exactly what the issues are, the programs you are
using, specific settings you've tried, and cut and paste all error messages
in their entirety, and maybe Mr. Hobbs will be able to help you.

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