Blackberry & Windows Mail



I can only sync my blackberry to the address/contacts in Windows Mail. I
cannot sync calendar, tasks, etc. I was told that I had to download a mail
program from Microsoft to have this sync up as my version is like Outlook
Express which is not a full mail program. What do I need? New to Windows
mail. Caralyn

Gary VanderMolen

The Blackberry should have come with a CD that has a copy of Microsoft
Outlook on it. As far as I know, only Outlook can sync tasks and calendar.
Vista is compatible with Outlook 2003 or later.


how did you even sync your contacts? i too am new to windows mail, and i
keep getting an error msgs about my wireless being enabled - that the devies
are enabled for wirless configuration and as such desktop sync wlil be
disabled. my bluetooth is off so i am lost as the blue tooth people are
a-holes!! help?!?!?!

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