black video in powerpoint~



Hey everyone,

I've been using PPT for a few years now, not heavily, but I know my way
around it. I'm doing a presentation for my uncle's company right now, and am
having an extremely odd problem regarding video.

I have 8 movie files, all of them .mpg. They range from 7 - 80MB in size. I
have a presentation (farm equipment) that has a bunch of pictures and he
would like to close it with these video files.

Now, when I go to import them, I went to Insert -> Movies and Sounds ->
Movie from File, and then selected the first movie file. I placed all the
movies in the same folder as the .ppt file. A black box appears, and it asks
me if I want to play automatically or not. I tried this will all 8 movies,
and all but 1 didn't work. The one that works.. well, I'm not sure what is so
different about it, but something makes it tick. :p

So my problem: My .mpgs, on import, give me a black box (except for one).

Here is the weird part: I'm updating his old presentation, and in it, he
uses all the same videos as I am, and they work fine in HIS powerpoint
presentation. His presentation from 1 year ago still works just fine, but now
that I'm redoing it, Powerpoint is giving ME trouble. Just my luck. :D. We
are both using PPT 2000, if that helps. I have tried loading the presentation
on 4 computers in the office now, and they all give me the same problem.

So my question is: What could possibly be causing the program to refuse
loading my presentation's video files?

Any solutions are greatly appreciated. I'll be working on finding solutions.

Thanks in advance.

--Brad K


oh, I fixed my problem. Disregard this post. :D

It doesn't work on this computer for whatever reason, but it works on both
presentation computers, so that'll do for now. ;D


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