Birthdays & Anniversarys - now spanning two days



Why are all the birthdays and anniversarys in my calendar now spanning two

I an recent trip I had some spare time on the airplane and deleted all the
birthdays and anniversarys and reoccurances of them. Then I reentered all
of them. They all then correctly displayed an all day event.

Today I booted up and they are back to spanning two days?!? Some of them
have a black clock icon when preveously I seem to remember a white one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I think its a time zone thing. Did you change time zones ???

I am having the same problem and hope than some Outlook guru can jump in
here and tell us how to fix.

Hope it's not "don't change time zones on your computer" ....

Maybe just more MikeRowesoft work around stuff ...



Yes I travel weekly and always change my time zones and in fact was in
another time zone when I went through the laborious process of "fixing my

I see that changing the time zone creates a two day spanning banner. Then
when I return to my local zone it returns to one. So I will re-enter them
all again in my local zone. And know they will span two days while

Any other ideas or suggestions?

Any idea what the black clock represents?

Thanks for quick responce and help!

Jocelyn Fiorello [MVP - Outlook]

Unfortunately there's not an easy way around this. The following MSKB
article describes what happens and why:;en-us;299600&Product=out

Another article describes a workaround, but it's not very glamorous:;en-us;290835&Product=out

Perhaps if you travel to the same time zones frequently, you can save a set
of events with the associated time zone in another Calendar folder, so you
can easily move them back and forth to your main Calendar when needed.
Dunno how much time you want to spend on this, as opposed to just leaving
the appointments as-is and temporarily dealing with the two-day span.

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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