Binding to a combobox w/ hashtable...



I have some data in a hashtable, and i need to bind it to a combobox.
I know it's impossible to bind a hashtable to a combobox. I need to
"bind" it so the combobox gets a DISPLAYMEMBER and a VALUEMEMBER. I
can't supply a valuemember by simply iterating through a hashtable and
adding items to a combobox.

How else can i get the same effect? What's the best way? If not a
hashtable, what type of object should I use? (i'm currently using a
hashtable because i need the key/value pair support that it has)

Thanks everyone for the help!


Cor Ligthert [MVP]


I don't know this because I would direct use a datatable.

All find options in a hashtable are at least as well in a datatable
(although the key does not have to be always unique if you do not set that).


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