Windows XP Big Problem...

Mar 1, 2008
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k sorry if im not providing all the info here but ill try to put in all the good stuff...
I have a laptop that used a domain from my old work, since then i have gone on to bigger and better things, i wanted to create a home network with my other laptop and i created a workgroup called MSHOME to link the computers together... now my login screen for xp doesnt have the 3rd area where i can enter my domains information, it only has username and password area, and my password doesnt work now that im not logging into my old domain. I had all my files and folders on that user name and now i cant access them. I can log on to the administrator account but i cant find my old user domain anymore to "try" to change the password...

here are my questions....
#1 i think if i can get the (domain) box at the xp login screen again and input all the old date i think my old password will work again so my question is ( how would i get that box to reappear again?)

#2 i havent checked becuase i left my laptop at my friends house, but would system restore fix this problem?

#3 if worse came to worse is there any way i can retrieve that data from that user name and merge it with my new user name so it will be like i never left?
(i have all my settings in like outlook and tons of other software configured, it would take me atleast a week to atleast get up and running again, and i got tons of work to do before then for my job)

lol Any more info i can provide would help me sooo much, also i tried useing a password reset device but it only found the admin remote access guest and a couple other accounts that arnt the one i need


Feb 3, 2006
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Do you have access to any user account on your laptop with administrative privileges? If so then log in to that account and remove or change the password on the account you want to log into.

However, although having no familiarity with Domains, I would guess that all your details are kept on a server at work.

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