Big problem with VS2008 & WPF


Lloyd Sheen

I just made a small change to a WPF project to put the usercontrols into
their own assembly.

I made the changes and all seemed good (for a while, a common WPF

Now I have a main project and several (DAL, UserControls) assemblies. I
have the reference correct since it did compile correctly once.

I reopen the solution an hour later and .......

I have so many problems with assembly not found etc.

I try to just compile the usercontrol assembly and .... it compiles the
entire solution and it just doesn't work. I get errors from the main
project attempting to reference the controls.

Now the problem is the following:

I have a usercontrol within the usercontrol (that is to say I have embeded
one within the other). The XAML give errors and I do have the reference and
a xmlns:uc="the assembly". As a matter of fact if I attempt to add another
control with intellisence it has no problem. Just can't compile.

This is lunacy. I changed nothing. I have cleaned and attempted to just
compile the usercontrol library but to no avail.



The next time you release a half technology with no usefull documentation,
please let me know so I can give it a pass.



Cor Ligthert[MVP]


complaining here makes not much sense there is a website for suggestions and


Using your description I assume that the only thing we can do yes we had
problems too, or no we did not have problems.

(Be aware that I had the problems you describe more times with other then
WPF applications, never found out what it was, however I thought afterwards
more times that the one time that I thought it was correct build, was just a
wrong impression)



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