Big HD troubles



I have a computer with a master 40 GB HD, running Windows XP home Edition.
Last week-end I added a second HD (60 MB) but I forgotten to properly set
the jumper (master, slave…) before I switched it on. The computer was not
able to start, so I switched it off and I set the jumper in this way: 60 GB
HD as master and 40 GB HD as slave.
After this I switched on the computer and I installed Windows XP on the 60
Now the problems are:
at BIOS level the computer recognise the second HD but windows does not see it
I have a lot of data I don’t wont to lose on the 40 GB HD (slave)

How can I recover the data from the 40GB HD ?

Thank you in advance for any suggestion




Why Didn't you just Use The Disk That Came with your NEW HARD drive to
Copy the 40 gig XP installation to the New 60 gig Drive.

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