Best way to minimize a form?


Bill Murphy

I have an Access 2000 app where I need to let the users minimize certain
forms. I'm leaving the main form maximized, opening a form on top of it. I
would like the user to be able to minimize the top form, open some other
forms, then maximize the form they had minimized.

Here are the settings I have used for the form that needs to be minimized:

Popup = Yes
Modal = No
Auto resize = Yes
Auto center = Yes
Border style = Sizable
Control box = Yes
Min Max Buttons = Both enabled
Close button = Yes

So far when I minimize a form it dissapears from the screen rather than
appearing as a minimized icon at bottom of screen, so I'm concerned the user
may forget the form has been minimized. Is there a way to make the icon
always appear at bottom of screen so the user can be aware that they have
one or more forms minimized?


Nick Coe \(UK\)

1/ I prefer to make a front screen (top form) invisible or
hidden when users navigate away from it and then make it
visible again when all others are closed. You might
consider this.

2/ There is an option in Tools|options|View called Windows
In Taskbar which might be screwing up your max/min stuff.
If it's cleared then forms should appear as a bar within the
database window when minimised. Personally I hate max/min
type stuff - Over the years I've found that hiding and
unhiding forms gives me much more control over what users
can and cannot do.

Nick Coe (UK) AccHelp + pAnimal Online Store Repairs Upgrades

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