Best scanner for scanned photo editing



Title says it all. I want to scan actual photo prints, edit
(darkness/lighter, contrast and color match) and send via
I have a Canon LiDE 110 which is supposed to do exactly
what I want done but I can't keep it working properly. And the
"technical support" folks are of little help.

Charlie Hoffpauir

At least on my Microtek scanner, the tools don't show you what you
*have*, but suggest what you *will get* (or might get) if you use those
settings to do the scan. Only after you have created a TIFF or JPG file,
can you accurately judge what the file really looks like. Plus, most
scanners have only a limited set of correction tools to work with.

Why not just scan them "neutrally" and use Photoshop or GIMP or some
other full-featured image editor to get precisely what you want? And of
course, if you do it that way, you have the "unedited" original to fall
back on if you decide that your alterations were not "optimum".


Or, he might want to try using VueScan. It's "full" of corrective
features, and probably cheaper than a new scanner.

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