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Peter Larsen [CPH]


I'm looking for some "best practice" help related to web applications and
recources (images, strings, files etc).

In Windows Forms Applications its normal to save all kinds of resources in
the applications recource file - its easy to access, and you always knows
where the resources are (and more).

In web applications, you would normally have lots of icons, buttons etc. for
use in the pages.
Where would you put these resources - in the recource file ??

Thank you in advance.


bruce barker

for packaged components its handy to use resources for images,
stylesheets, etc. But for a website its a bad idea. the performance is
much lower and chaching may be effected. its common to have a common
image dir that is shared between websites (so the image is cached
between all).

-- bruce (

Peter Larsen [CPH]

Hi Bruce,

Yes it is slow to read images from the resource file - good point.
In winforms, i usually loads the resources into memory and keeps them there
as long as they are visible. But for webapplications, that works

Thanks for your comment.

Peter Larsen [CPH]

Hi Sloan,

Thanks for the links.
GetWebResourceUrl() seems to be the answer - i will definitely read more
about that way to do it.


Steven Cheng [MSFT]

Hi Peter,

For ASP.NET (start from 2.0), it also provide very rich support on
localization/globalization functionality. Generally there are two ways to
use localized resources:

1. Declarative approach via attribute and localize expression in aspx
template, you can bind resource in resource file to control property

2. Use code to programmtically load resource(global or local page resource).

here are some further good resource on ASP.NET globalization & localization:

#Internationalizing Your Application

#ASP.NET 2.0 Localization (Video, Whitepaper, and Database Provider

#Extending the ASP.NET 2.0 Localization Model with a Database Resource


Steven Cheng

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