Best mouse mat i've ever used

Feb 26, 2003
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I recently bought one of those 'self-healing' cutting mats for £6 from a famous electronic's retail outlet. It's about as thick as a pound coin and twice the surface area of my Ratpad. I doidn't intend to use it as a mouse mat, but discovered that it's absolutely superb with my logitech MX500 optical mouse for fast games like UT2003. I haven't had any problems with spinning out of control etc. If the surface area (450mmx300mmx3mm) is a little big for your desk setup, I think you can buy smaller ones; but certainly it can be trimmed to a smaller size.

So, if you want to have the longevity and slickness of a top end mousing surface, but pay far less than the 'branded' ones out there, I can strongly recommend one of these bog standard cutting mats. ;)