Best computer configuration for running big excel macro files

Jun 1, 2009
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I'm from the netherlands so my english is not perfect-)

I got a problem so mayby you can helmp me. I buyed a computer last week using mostly for running big excel files (60mb-80mb) with macros.

To get aidea about my system take a look at this link[192349]=1&product[97116]=1&product[97107]=1

There's also a asus triton 81 cooler.

I'm using xp 32 bit right now, so the memory is only used for 3,2 mb instead of 6 mb. I gonna install wednesday vista ultimate 64 bit, so the full 6mb will be used.

Today i run for the first time a excel file of 66mb with a macro. It started very fast but each minute it was going down in speed and finnally after 30-40 minutes it was going so slow it was doing only 1 adaptation (don't know if this it the correct english word) and with 55.000 adaptation to go it would take probaly days to get this file done.

Now is my question how can i upgrade or add something to my computer so it keeps running on the speed from the first minutes. So it's not losing speed how longer it runs.

Hope you can help me,thx


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