Beginning dump of physical memory



Can anyone help? My computer just started doing this
yesterday. It starts to boot up fine and once it starts
loading Windows 2000, it all the sudden flashes to a blue
screen and says a bunch of junk and then "beginning dump
of physical memory". The only thing I have done is add a
new mouse. That screen only stays up there for a second
and then the computer starts rebooting. It will just
continue rebooting until you turn it off. Anyone know
what to do?


If started hapening as soon as you installed your new
mouse you can always test it without that mouse. It is
posible that the mouse it causing it but not that

You can try running a repair on windows. You will need
to boot off of the Windows 2000 CD. Select that you want
to install windows, it will ask you to hit F8 to agree to
the license agreement. Then it will have a option to hit
R to repair the curent instalation of windows. This will
re-install windows without erasing your information all
though it is alway good to have a backup just incase.

If that does not do it I would say probably have to
Format and reinstall. There is a slight chance that you
have bad memroy but I have seen this issue a 100 times
and maybe only had one that it was actualy a hardware

Hope this helps.

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