BCM database access


Steven Johnson

Does anyone know how to access the SQL Desktop Database that BCM installs
using say, SQL Enterprise Manager? And...

has anyone figured out how to install the same dbase on SBS 2003 or Server
2003 and publish BCM forms to access this data accross a network?





It is possible to do it, but it not a supported scenario with MS Support.

Steven Johnson

But how do you do this, i need a few leads, dont know where to begin.
And please dont say Google, i would like to see any written by the people
that have done this successfully. How do you access the SQL Desktop Dbase
that BCM installs? Thanks



Patricia Cardoza [Outlook MVP]

You can access the database through enterprise manager. If you don't have
Enterprise Manager already installed, you'll need to nistall it though. From
there it's a matter of finding the database. If you open the Service Control
Manager from teh systray, you might be able to find the database name that
way. I will post more later...I've done at least some research on this.

Now, I've never tried the replication you're after, but I can find the
database and browse the data.

Patricia Cardoza
Outlook MVP
Author - Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
Lead Author - Access 2003 VBA Programmer's Reference
Author - Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft OneNote 2003


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