BCM Category limit of 50



Hi, this seems to be an age old problem but I can never find answers.

I have only 20 categories assigned in my master list and added one more to
the master list today. When I click on that category, it won't allow me to
assign it to the business contact that I've created. But when I click another
already existing category, it works.

I have deleted my deleted items box as suggested in another post but still
have the same problem.

What is the problem? Why is this happening? And have there been any fixes
since it was first reported?

Also, any ideas or tips?? Thank you in desperation!!!!!!


I think the limit of 50 applies to all categories ever assigned to items,
existing and new. So even if you have only 20 that you use right now, there
might be 30 that were used previously, and assigned to records and that gets
you to the 50 limit. Try deleting one from the initial Categories screen,
the one that shows you all the categories ever used. Then see if you can add
a new one to the Master list. If you delete an old one, it doesn't remove it
from the record, only from the list. You can still sort by it and view it,
just not pick it.

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