BCM and Outlook problem ( BCM fails to start)



Here is the scenario. After starting outlook, I click on BCM and the
drop-down comes up, I select accounts and Outlook unloads. I can click on BCM
then on the dropdown I select BCM home. That does come up but the default
goes to sales. Then I click on home and a message appears that says "Business
Contact Manager for Outlook could not complete your last action or actions.
Please try again" I click on OK and the action is completed. Then I can click
on accounts. The same message as above appears and when i click O.K. the
accounts are there.
after working in "accounts" if I click on anything else "mail, calendar or
notes" Outlook unloads again..
Here is what I have tried.
I have gone to the services and made sure all of the SQL services were
started. Some were in manual and I changed them to automatic.
I the looked at the event log and I show an error. The source is
"MSSQLServerADHelper ". Under description it says " "0" is an invalid number
of start up parameters. This service takes two start up parameters."

I am using XP and using outlook 2007 with sp2 with BCM version 3.00.8619.01
I have searched numerous sites that have got me this far, but I am stuck. Do
I have to uninstall BCM and reinstall.


I just had this problem as well. in the outlook menu, click on tools and
then trust center and then add ins. it will probably show BCM under
disabled. below that will have manage - choose disabled devises and then
highlight the BCM and click enabled. You may also have to locate the BCM
system file (it is shown) and add your computer as an administrator if you
get this file can only be changed by an administrator. Hope this helps.

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