Batch file issue installing templates in Vista 64


Colleen M

Perhaps someone can tell me the best place to post this question.

I have a batch (.bat) file in a winzip executable file that installs Word
templates including a Startup file into the appropriate folders. In a new
Vista 64 PC the startup file doesn't get installed properly because there is
no "Documents and Settings" shortcut and I'm hoping that I can maintain a
single install .exe for XP/Vista/Vista 64. The code in question is:
Copy "c:\Templates\" "c:\documents and
settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\StartUp\"

Is there some kind of %????% property I can use in the batch file to pick up
the "documents and settings" part of this code? Or ????

Colleen M

Never mind, I've realized I just need to add a line or two of code to copy to
either/or using IFEXISTS.

Sorry, I've been sick at home for a week and that's my excuse ....

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