batch file does copy to mapped drive if scheduled



I've made a batch file to xcopy some files from my local
system to a mapped drive. The files get copied, whenever
the batch file is run. But if I schedule it at some other
time and if the screen is locked or logged off, it does
not copy the file on the mapped drive. Both the systems
are using windows 2000 professional and they once mapped
both systems run continuously.


Peter Lawton

The drive won't be mapped if the user who mapped it isn't logged on, have
you tried copying the files to a UNC path in the batch file instead of a
mapped drive?

Also the scheduled task will need to run as an account with access rights to
the share

Peter Lawton

Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

In addition to the other reply - if you can't use a UNC for some reason,

net use x: \\server\share /persistent:no
<xcopy job>
net use x: /del /yes

in your batch file.

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