Basic wcf security questions




i've some questions about wcf security. I would like to connect a service
(hosted in IIS7) from a client with username and password over the internet


1. Is it possible to connect the service with username and password without
a certificate?

2. I've read about login with username and password inside the Intranet with
Useraccounts from windows. Is this possible over the internet as well or do I
have to store userinformation in a SQL database separately?

3. Basicly I'm interessted in doing login to the service with username and
password. What is needed in this case? (Credentials, Binding, Message or
Transport, SSL, Settings...)

4. Is there any project which shows how to do the basic security or could
anybody explain these basics?

Thank you very much.
Best regards Ivan


Hello Mr. Arnold

I think it's ok here because the application is done in c#.

Thanks anyway.

Best regards.

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