BartPE with Intel Pro/100 VE



Computer is a Dell Dimension E310
Windows is Media Center Edition SP2 (a version of XP) with all updates
NIC is a Intel PRO/100 VE
Backup program is Acronis True Image Home 9.0
BartPE is v3.1.10a.

I wish to make a CD from which I can boot, access a backup on a shared
drive and restore the computer. My plans were to use BartPE with the
plugin for Acronis Home Image. I have tried a lot of different
approaches and read all information on the web. In all cases either I
get a message that the network drivers cannot be installed or it locks
up trying to install the network drivers.

Any ideas?


My thoughts are to check which Windows version the BartPE disc was built
from. If it was built from an old Windows version then it may have problems
with recent hardware.

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