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I need help quickly on this issue. I have a user on Windows XP Pro sp2
connected to a Windows 2003 domain. Monday when he logged in his
profile had been replaced by the default profile. Checking out the
issue I found he was using the profile domainName.TEMP and in advance
settings for user profiles I found his name twice, one showing as a
Backup. I did research on this issue, found no immeadiate fix that
worked so I deleted everything and started over (saving all info of

Today he has the exact same problem. Can someone please let me know
what would be causing this and if there is a fix.


Drew Tognola


If his current profile is 'domainName.TEMP' when he logs in.
* Sign in as an administrator
* Copy the contents of his 'original profile'
* navigate to his 'domainName.TEMP' profile
* Paste it into his 'domainName.TEMP' profile, clicking Yes to accept any
* Rename the 'domainName.TEMP' to his 'original profile'
If his 'original profile' is still there, rename it or remove it

* See if he can log on to his original profile

ps-I believe I did this once but I wasn't on a network


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