Bad Hitachi disk..... how so?



Someone I know who says he knows about computer hardware says
"Hitachi disks are sh*t". As proof he posted this picture of two
Hitachi disks in another thread here.

The picture was posted to show the dates of the HD drives, as you
were plainly told in the thread, troll.
Is he right? How can a picture of a disk can show it is bad? Just

That isn't what he told you, troll.

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Hitachi is shit too.. here is a pic of two of them that failed
recently. One was made April 2011, one April 2013. They are dead
and one didn't last a year.

Is *ALL* he wrote concerning the pic and those drives.

He also wrote this:

For *some* reason you are fixated on why Dustin does not like
Seagate HDD's. That is his opinion and he does not owe you a
technical reply you won't understand anyway. If I asked him he
would probably tell me, it's just a waste of time to explain shit to
you and BD.

I personally don't care exactly why he does not like Seagate, they
are not on my top 5 list of preferred HDD's either. Now you have
enough information from two techs, if you have a choice and the
price is almost equal - don't take the Seagate; got it? That's all
you need to know. Read reviews before buying one. I have never had a
problem with Western Digital drives, that is my opinion based on
years of experience.

*** end copy/paste. I'm inclined to agree with him concerning WD
drives. Although I did have a problem with one years ago, it was my
fault; I was trying to do something to the drives firmware and it
didn't go well. So that was on me.

All of my own computers and systems I build for clients use WD
drives. EOD for me.


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