Backup Outlook Addresses


Sam Wonderer

I need to backup Outlook 2003, before re-installing Windows XP (1st time so
am a bit nervous!). Can someone confirm please that I just need to backup the
..pst file and that will include my outlook addresses?
(that's what I read in

Also, is it possible in future to restore just the addresses from a .pst
file, rather than messages, and everything else?

Many thanks

Sam Wonderer

Sorry - one more thing, the addresses in my Outlook address book that are not
the same as in the Outlook contacts folder. I assume the two are different -
is that correct? The address book seems more up-to-date.


The address book is simply a view of electronic addresses (email & Fax)
contained in your Contacts Folder

With outlook closed you simply copy the pst(s) to eg external media, eg a
memory stick
Sometimes wise to have two seperate copies

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