backing up NTFS permissions for a directory


S Eaton


Here's an interesting problem I've run across. Is there a
way to back-up the NTFS permissions in a directory and
corresponding sub-directories *without* backing up the
files? This way I could restore those security rights
*without* over writing any recent data.

I simply have a very security sensitive data volume with
complex folder/file security, very few files get
added/deleted, but security rights constantly get botched
in individual folders because some admins are used to NT
4's security model. I'm not looking to dump the ACL, but
actually have a method to restore a permissions tree if I
have to without overwriting document data.




You should be able to do this by backing up the System
Volume information files that are hidden on each drive.
The only problem with this is it could cause disc errors
when restored and it is looking for files or folders that
may no longer exist.

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