Backing up Drive C



I just did a backup of my C drive into 15 segments with Ghost. I plan to
format C and reinstall XP...after this, can I go to my backup and just
reinstall those folders and programs that I want to the new C drive??? e.g.
McAfee, outlook express etc.
Any extra suggestions would be most appreciated. I will not format until I
get a few answers, I've never done this before although I'm not a newbie.
Every time I had to format prior to this was because I had a crash with no
backup :-(

Thank You most kindly :)


no, you cannot. Backing up folders saves the data and files in the folders
but not the changes made to the registry when they were installed.

Backup the data and then reinstall the programs after formatting and
reinstalling XP.

I would suggest to make an image of the whole C drive using ghost after you
have it the way you want. Then as the drive changes make either incremental
images or new images. Use a second harddrive for the images. .

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