Avast 7 Will Install Google Chrome, If You Do Not Pay Attention


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Avast 7 Will Install Google Chrome, If You Do Not Pay Attention

Martin Brinkmann Feb 26, 2012 1:47 PM

Avast 7 has been released a few days ago and it has not only received
praises but also criticism by part of the security software’s user base.
Users have been complaining about a variety of things, including slow
system starts on Windows 7 among other things (Caused by the
installation of Microsoft Security Essentials on the machine. The only
fix is to uninstall Avast or MSE). Two Ghacks readers have mentioned
another issue after upgrading to Avast 7. The software did install the
Google Chrome browser on their system, and made it the default system

When you run the Avast 7 installer, you are greeted with a start screen
where you can select the express, compatible or custom install options.
Express basically installs the antivirus software with the default
settings, compatible installs it as a second line of defense in addition
to other security software running on the system, while custom install
offers the means to select the program modules that you want to install.

The very same page lists another program that will be installed if Avast
users do not pay attention to the menu. The lower quarter of the screen
advertises Google Chrome, and displays two selection boxes. These boxes
are checked by default, so that Avast 7 will install Google Chrome on
the system and make it the default browser on the system.

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