Autotext Entries in Word 2003 Protected Templates



Is there a way to ensure autotext entries stay with the template they were
created in? I believe I read in a posting or on-line that Autotext entries
are not passed on (how?) when a template is saved as a .doc.

Normally, I save the autotext entry in the 'named' form template it is
created in. This is placed out on the network in a protected folder that the
employees have access to thru a tab available when selecting a new form from
the master template folder.

When creating the autotext entry there are several options, in current
template, in normal (global), in 'other' (global) as listed, or in all
available templates.
Are these references to my 'local' machine (p/c) where the autotext entry
was created? or...applicable to any machine the template is opened on.

Best regards

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