AutoNumber for 6.8 million rows



I've imported a table from another access database into a 2007 database.
There are 6.8 million rows and no unique field to use as a key field. I need
to add one so I can link it to another existing table. I try to insert an ID
row with autonumber as the type but i get the error message to "increase
maxlocksperfile registry entry". I tried increasing it from 9500 to 10000000
but still get the same message. Anyone know how I might add a key field to
this table? I'm thinking of copying and pasting into Excel (multiple files)
and adding it there and then re-importing but that will take a long time even
though i have 2007 and i can't figure out an easy way to highlight 1 mil rows
at a time to copy and paste. I'm strictly a menu user and don't know how to
write code. Thanks!



Pieter Wijnen

Have you tried to make an empty copy of the table, add the ID (AutoNumber)
& Run an Append Query based on the original Table?



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