Automatically reinstalling Compact Framework after hard reset??



I'm working on an auto-restore app the restores the registry and
reinstalls the latest CF cab file when the system is hard reset.

I'm using an iPAQ 5550/5555 running PocketPC 2003. When I run the
"Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP2 Installer" from my desktop
machine, the installer deploys the file and
everything installs smoothly.

However, if I upload the cab file to the device manually and and try
to launch it on the device I get the following error:

"The file "\Storage Card\" is not a valid
Windows CE Setup file." Huh?

Anyone else run into this problem?

Steve Vibert



Mike from the Developer distribution of CF SP2 works
fine for me. Weird.

Microsoft MVP ¸­¨Õ»a\(Jan Yeh\) for Windows CE .NE

Hello, Steven

Can you try to download the CAB into your PPC via ActiveSync,
and click the CAB file to install?

Best Regards,
Jan Yeh

MVP(Windows CE.NET), MCAD, .NETcf Developer & Consultant
Mobile Mind Co., Ltd. @ Taiwan


I had been transferring the cab file using Active Sync's explorer.
This morning I hard reset the unit and now the cab file launches
properly. I am at a complete loss as to why it was failing yesterday.
The odd thing is that other cab files were launching properly when I
was having a problem with the

Anyway, all is back to normal since the hard reset.

I do have one other question though. Is it possible to launch the
compact framework install cabs in "silent" mode. I'd like to be able
to suppress the "Confirm File Replace" dialog that pops up when
installing CF service packs and the "Already Installed" dialog that is
displayed when reinstalling the CF.

Thanks -- Steve


Thanks, skicow. The /noui switch does indeed eliminate the ui and as
an added bonus suppresses the "Confirm File Replace" dialog when
trying patch an older CF version. However, "Already Installed" still
pops up.

As you suggested setting changing the "Instl" value to zero in
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Apps\Microsoft .NET Compact Framework]
key suppresses the "Already Installed" dialog.

The minor downside is that the installation of CF resets this value to
one during install. So, to make this work you need to programatically
set the reg value before launching wceload. A litle clumsy but pretty

Thanks again for the suggestions -- Steve

BTW, I tested this on an iPAQ 5550/5555.





Yes, a little clumsy but it works. It's the only way I know how to suppress the 'Aready Installed' dialog, there could be other ways but I was unable to find them



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