Automatically linking OLE Objects



I have a table that contains fields (among others) for client SSN, and
an OLE object which I want to be linked to the clients photo. If I
place client photos in a specific folder, and give each photo the file
name of the client's SSN, how can I programatically, link the clients
picture to the OLE field for his particular record. I don't want to
have to go in and manually link each photo individually, as I am having
to do now




1 Ensure that the bound OLE on the form has its format set to photo (either
use this to bring in the OLE on to the form or create a new object on the
form and format it as Photo and then bind it to the OLE field.

2 Embed the link (path) within the OLE field on the table (or use a query or
form field)

For more info search this forum for "how to display a gif or jpg picture in
a formâ€
When reading that thread note that it gives a method to embed the picture -
you want to "link" so on the 2nd section use the "link" button not the
"Create from new"

Hope this helps


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